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Yangzhou Wulo Technology Development Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive management leading technology of concrete, stone and protection of ancient buildings, prolong the service life of building solutions provider. The company will provide innovative technologies and new materials solutions for construction and construction enterprises in more than and 40 provinces and cities in the country, so that all types of buildings to enjoy the full range of inorganic environmental protection materials.

The company is jointly established by enterprises of the joint-stock company, the main business of Japan introduced a number of cutting-edge technology and new materials, products related to home building wall protection materials, road traffic...... 



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Japan stone modifier - "Levy Long"

  • Action principle and effect
  • Characteristics and performance
  • Function and solution
  • Performance comparison
  • 1, this product is a kind of alkaline inorganic metal ion mixed solution (aqueous solution), transparent colorless tasteless.

    2, this product is suitable for brick and tile products; cement mortar, building surface, gypsum and gypsum building materials and profiles, asbestos and asbestos building materials and soil profiles, building walls and hard soil compaction, cement and cement building materials building surface profile, natural stone, artificial stone, rock like materials at the bottom of the building, basement area and easy to damp weathering buildings.

    3, this product after high pressure spraying, more easily into the cement building than water, and the gap in the stone crevice, and buildings, stone free calcium in the reaction, the formation of hydrophobic inorganic compounds, closed cracks and voids, forming a tight protective shell.

    4, the calcified inorganic compounds are insoluble in water after curing, and prevent water from passing through.

    5, cement, stone weathering is the cause of the moisture in the air and acid substances through the gap into the surface of the building, building materials and alkaline reaction, reduced alkaline, high alkaline not only cement, rock strength must also keep building materials, building materials on the surface of reinforced buildings represented by forming a protective layer to the decisive significance.

    6, steel in cement, concrete when subjected to acid corrosion, the volume will gradually increase to 2.5 times the original, plus cement, concrete alkaline degree decreased the formation of weathering, aging, on the life of the building, strength have very serious consequences.

    7, the product itself has an alkaline, after use, can form a solid protective shell, to prevent water from entering, but also to prevent the entry of acidic substances, a fundamental solution to the problem of building surface weathering, aging.

    1, the use of cement, concrete, stone surface after the formation of a solidified layer, forming a careful hydrophobic protective layer, blocking water intrusion, to prevent weathering.

    2, this product is colorless and tasteless water inorganic solution to the operator, has easy operation, high safety, it does not influence the human body.

    3, the use of this product, there will be no damage to the processing surface, does not affect the original color and texture.

    4, this product has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance and UV resistance, so it can be widely used in indoor and outdoor.

    5, this product is a kind of platform type reference materials, by adding different auxiliary special, it can prevent the algae (building water, lake, river, water), mold (warehouse), deodorant (basement moist places) and sterilization (public hospital, crowded places) role.

    6, the special characteristics of the product so that it has the effect of anti freezing, even if the work surface icing, but also easily removed.

    7, after the use of this product, in the operation of the surface and shallow layer formed hydrophobic meticulous protective shell, fill the void surface of buildings, so the water is difficult to maintain through the characteristics of high alkaline, the acid, salt intrusion blocking effect. In the high salinity of the sea, the sea water, saline and alkali land construction has been a good effect verification.

    8, after the use of this product, the work surface is formed on the surface layer of solidified layer, has good anti permeability effect of acids, fats and oils can play a blocking effect, at the same time, the hydrophobic protective layer in addition to high pollution effect has been defaced, even slightly, can wash clean as new.

    9, this product is simple, only need to spray. Special design of the sprayer will give full play to the characteristics of the product.

    10, the mechanism of this product is the protective layer of penetration into the work surface and form, so it will not produce other kind of paint after blistering, peeling phenomenon. And a little damage to the outer layer, it will not affect the overall effect.

    1, concrete cement concrete and its products, strong alkaline cement is the key factor, reinforced protection member a kind of support in the air, acidic substances in the water, through building voids, cracks in concrete, cement layer, and free calcium neutralization reaction, greatly reducing the alkaline. Is actually the reason for construction of cement concrete, weathering, with the continuation of time in alkaline component decreased further, caused by internal oxidation and corrosion of metal parts and components, a kind of reinforced metal support frame of the common corrosion itself after the expansion Volume 2, 5 times, has accelerated the concrete component crack expansion. Outside of the water vapor, salt, acidic substances can easily enter, thus forming a vicious cycle, the overall impact of the building.

    2, road construction and use of the environment has been very harsh, harsh. Large variation of environmental temperature, acidic substances in vehicle exhaust emissions formation accompanied by rain erosion, on the road, roadside isolation pier have caused serious influence, this product can not only provide protection to this, more can be used to add special fluorescent material, dark and night road isolation pier if you use this product, can form a band in the light irradiation, both to strengthen roads and ancillary facilities for traffic safety and strength, provide the possibility of.

    3, shore wharf, port building, building water pier concrete, cement component, under long-term salt weathering, adhesion problems of algae and shellfish, using this product can remove the menace from the rear.

    4, asbestos and asbestos products - as factories, the use of the most common household products, easy to aging is a big problem, the use of this product can completely solve this problem (as a model example of asbestos)


    Inorganic stone modifier

    Silicone hydrophobic agent

    Penetration type waterproofing agent (synthetic resin)


    Inorganic compound

    Δorganic compound

    ΟInorganic and organic combination


    Permanent effective

    ХInitial effective only

    ΔInitial effective only

    The reaction of alkaline aggregate

    The effect of preventing the reaction

    ХThere was no effect of preventing the reaction

    ХThere was no effect of preventing the reaction

    Waterproof property

    ΟAlthough it is not completely waterproof, but it has a full permanent waterproof effect.

    ΔEarly results are excellent, but not long-term effective。

    ΔEarly results are excellent, but not long-term effective

    Alkali resistance of cement

    Will not affect

    ΔThe initial effect of patience, no initial tolerance effect.

    ΔThe initial effect of patience, no initial tolerance effect.

    Freeze injury

    ΟBecause of the availability of density, there is almost no effect, there is a lasting effect.

    ХInitially only on the surface effective, no long-term effect.

    ΟInitially only on the surface effective, no long-term effect.

    Construction substrate requirements

    Dry or wet construction

    ХDrying is a necessary condition for construction

    ХModerate wetting is a necessary condition (mainly with water based reaction)

    Construction surface

    Appearance almost no change, the surface hardness.

    ХAppearance of varying degrees of change, easy to dirty.

    ХBecome completely different surface


    Because it is a chemical reaction, can look forward to lasting effect.

    ХOnly the initial effective, no durability.

    ΔAfter a certain period of time, organic matter will inevitably change and lack of durability.

    The construction difficulty

    Very simple and convenient

    ΔSolvent content is high, the construction should pay attention to fire prevention.

    ХDivided into 2-3 processes, construction is very complex. (need water process)

    Effect appearance

    ΟSlower (1-4 days)


    ΟRelatively slow

    Other features

    ΟHave a similar effect of paint, mold, anti pollution effect.

    ΟEarly to prevent the emergence of white cement

    The concave convex surface can be adjusted


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